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Jubilee School of Ministry and Missions

Cultivating a transformative force of Kingdom Missionaries -

Serving the Grassroots, Spiritual Renewal, Worldwide Mission


Emphasizing God-given Talents - Even More


Emphasizing Life Renewal

Emphasizing Service - Even More Emphasizing Prayer and Worship


Emphasizing Truth Study - Even More Emphasizing Evangelism and Mission


Life: Prayer, Worship, Love the Lord, Renewal


Study: Methodology of Studies, Creativity, Careful Thought, Reflection


Service: Spiritual Power, Strength, Global Vision, Long-term Perspective


1. To inspire students to seek a life of yearning for God, to be filled with the Holy Spirit, and      to live a victorious and holy life, while fostering unity and revival within the church.

2. To establish students' ability to be biblically based and self-learning, to have local and          timely sense, and to be able to think diversely and independent.

3. Training God’s Kingdom talents:

Missionaries - Full of vitality, influencing the young generation to respond to the Gospel call, and to realize the vision of God's kingdom.

Pastors - Bringing about church revival, mobilizing believers into the community, and developing new ministries.

Evangelistic Pioneers – Gathering volunteer teams, leading pioneer ministry.

Disciples of Christ - Mature in spirituality, mastering service skills, and being a living testimony for Christ.

Theology Program


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Enquiry: 3583 9312    10F, Hub 8, 239 Temple Street, Jordan, Kowloon

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