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Our Mission

We aim to train God's people to receive the empowerment and anointing of the Holy Spirit, and  to transform the impoverished communities with the full blessings of Jubilee, and to catalyze churches to share the holistic gospel with the poor.

Our Goals

To proclaim good news to the poor and to establish various groups of grassroots believers.  The Gospel of the Kingdom is holistic, not only saves people's souls, but also fulfills their entire being, brings joy and harmony to their lives, families, and workplaces, and eliminates various forms of social injustice.  Therefore, God's people and the church must experience the power of the Holy Spirit to evangelize the poor locally and cross-culturally.


Meaning of Emblem


The Cross

It represents the incarnation of God, who came among the poor. It calls us to imitate Christ's self-giving and serve others, proclaiming the salvation of the Cross.


The Bible and the Dove

It represents the building up of oneself in the truth, while relying on the Holy Spirit for renewal and empowerment before "going".


Kneeling Feet

It represents worship - worship and praise are the most important services we can offer to the Lord, and having this attitude should be a defining aspect of our lives and ministries.

* Dependence

It is our deep conviction that "apart from the Lord, we can do nothing". The forces that the 'old self' relies on must be crucified. We yearn to experience the power of God through absolute dependence.


* Obedience

To truly do God's work, we must fully submit to the teachings of the Bible and the prompting of the Holy Spirit within us, and only do what God has instructed us to do and speak what He has directed.


* Prayer

We need to pray because we believe that only God can do His work.

We need to pray because our battle is not against flesh and blood, and power and victory rest with the Lord.


Brief History

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1997   Establishment of Jubilee Ministries

           Dedicated to serving the grassroots and evangelizing the poor.

           Establishment of Jubilee School of Ministry and Missions

           Developing a revolutionary army for the Kingdom of Heaven's ministry - Serving the grassroots, spiritual renewal,
           and global evangelism


1999   Establishment of a sister organization, Jubilee Cares Limited

           Committed to caring for and responding to the needs of orphans and underprivileged children.

           Establishment of Rahab's Rehab Ministry

           Caring for women working in the sex industry and helping them exit prostitution.

2000   Establishment of Construction Workers Ministry

           Entering the site and training the site believers as leaders.

2003   Establishment of Elderly Ministry

           Empowering the elders to serve holistically.

           Facilitating the establishment of Jubilee Initiative Malaysia BHD

2004   Relocated the office to Sino Cheer Plaza

2005   Establishment of M9 Marginal Youth Ministry

           Outreach to the marginalized youth, building relationships, rebuilding themselves, developing talents, and get to know Jesus.

2006   Establishment of Love Our Neighbour Ministry

           Reaching out to the neighbours in Mongkok, Tai Kok Tsui, and Jordan."

2012   Establishment of Joyous Kitchen

           Providing catering and delivery services, with profits and donations supporting the '3A Hot Meal' program and other
           poverty alleviation initiatives.

2014   Establishment of Mission Organization

           Becoming a member of the Hong Kong Association of Christian Missions.

           Establishment of Field of Life

2017   Establishment of Cross-Cultural Ministry

           Serving local ethnic minorities and refugees.

2019   Relocated the office to Hub 8

2022   Continuing the effort to transform Temple Street into Jesus Street.


Board of Directors

Mr. Wu Ping Fan  (Chairman)

Mr. Cheng Wai Man - Solicitor (Vice Chairman)

Ms. Leung Ng Lai Ping (Secretary)

Rev. Lo Wai Ki (Treasurer)

Rev. Chan May Yee Betty

Mr. Chan Wing Sang - Principal

​Mr. Hong Kwai Wah – Doctor


Annual Reports/Newsletters

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