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Construction Worker Ministry

He who builds a house is more honorable than the house.

Construction Worker Ministry

Hong Kong is a prosperous city full of skyscrapers, and when you see these magnificent buildings, you usually only know the name of the building or the developer. However, we often forget the "construction workers" who work hard behind these buildings!

We, Construction Workers Ministry of Jubilee Ministries, enter the site allows the "construction workers" to regain the "dignity of building houses" and not be overlooked anymore. They are the skilled "craftsmen" behind the magnificent architecture who have worked tirelessly and deserve recognition.


Transforming the culture of the construction industry by training site believers to be leaders, and training the workers to be leaders in the evangelistic movement, allowing the industry to witness the reality of the kingdom of God.



Transforming the Culture of the Construction Site

We have transformed traditional ceremonial practices into Christian rituals such as the 'groundbreaking ceremony' and the 'topping out ceremony', helping workers understand the relevance of the gospel to their work and operations on the construction site.

Construction Site Gospel Activities

We celebrate traditional festivals with them, such as the Dragon Boat Festival and Mid-Autumn Festival, by organizing "Jesus invites you to dinner" and "Jesus sends mooncakes" events. During Christmas and Easter, we also hold large-scale family-oriented events.


Discipleship and Shepherding

Due to the long working hours of construction workers, it is difficult for believers to participate in regular church gatherings. Our construction site Bible study group not only provides on-site discipleship for new believers, but also trains site believers to participate in shepherding, to walk alongside them, to pray for them, to face the weakness of life together, and ultimately to be baptized.


Lunch Gatherings

We organize lunch worship and gospel meals at different sites, allowing non-believing workers to enjoy their meal while listening to music, learning about health tips from Chinese medicine practitioners, receiving pain relief services, watching short films, building relationships, and sharing the love of Jesus Christ.


Currently, we have worker gatherings, bible study groups, and lunch worship services at 12 different sites, including Yuen Long, How Ming Street, Kai Tak Site 6568, Kai Tak Site 6551, Pak Shek Kok, West Kowloon Station, Cheung Sha Wan, two from Sai Sha, Tin Wing, Tuen Mun Siu Hong, and Ma Wan. On average, 10-30 people attend each gathering.

Sunday Service

We hold worship service every Sunday at Hub 8, inviting Christian workers and their families to gather together. The service, including the sermon, lasts for about two hours, followed by a communal lunch. In the afternoon, there are training sessions, including evangelism and other activities.


Over the past year, we have reached out to a total of 8,899 construction workers, among whom 58 have made decisions to accept Jesus and 14 have been baptized. There have been 11,622 attendances at our regular gatherings.

Construction site gatherings, such as groundbreaking ceremonies, topping out ceremonies, and worship services.

Follow-up on the fruit of the Gospel.

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