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1. 郵寄支票:
    支票抬頭「禧福協會有限公司」或 「Jubilee Ministries Limited」

2. 銀行過戶:
    .「匯豐銀行」戶口:(004) 007-236243-001
   (whatsapp號碼:2708 8666   傳真號碼:2708 8771)

3. 按月自動轉賬:

4. 信用卡網上奉獻:
    網上奉獻請按此, 並選擇你想支持的事工。


    直接使用網上銀行或流動理財 App 過數至本會戶口,

  「轉數快」ID︰3740891 , 或電郵︰


   (whatsapp號碼︰2708 8666   傳真號碼︰2708 8771)  


- 奉獻HK$100或以上者,可獲發收據,作申請扣稅之用。

Donation Method

1. By Cheque:
    Please make a crossed cheque payable to "Jubilee Ministries Limited" and mail to Finance Department,     
    15/F, No. 239, Temple Street, Jordan, Kowloon, Hong Kong.

2. Deposit the donation into Jubilee Ministries Limited's bank account:
    .HSBC:(004) 007-236243-001
    .Nanyang Commercial Bank:043-478-1-125680-5
    Please send us the bank pay-in-slip by email (, or by fax (2708 8771), or
    whatsapp (2708 8666), or by post.

3. Autopay:
    Please click here to download and fill in the autopay authorization form, then send it to our office by post.

4. Donation by Credit Card via: 
    Please click here to make donation and fill out the ministry you want to support.

5. Faster Payment System (FPS)

    Deposit the donation by Online e-Banking or Mobile APP

    FPS ID︰3740891 or by Email︰
    If you need a receipt, please send us the screen capture with your name, contact and address by
    whatsapp (2708 8666), or by email (, or by fax (2708 8771),or by post.

Tax-deductible receipt will be issued for donation of HK$100 or above / for donations made from Hong Kong only.

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