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Food Bank

Food Bank - Jubilee Ministries

Jubilee Ministries has established Food Bank in Jordan and MongKok, aiming to assist the underprivileged in overcoming financial difficulties by providing them with staple food. In addition to meeting their material needs, we also provide counselling and pray for those who are suffering from past trauma and present hardship.


Benefited grassroots families 2021-2022: 1,710

  • Types of beneficiaries: 62% low-income persons, 23% unemployed, 5% street sleepers, 10% people who are experiencing sudden changes in life and doubly non-permanent resident families.

  • Gospel impact: More than 600 people have heard the Gospel through this service, with 98 individuals decided to accept Jesus as their Lord.

Sharing resources with local churches

We provide food to our partner churches in Sheung Shui, Tuen Mun and Tsing Yi to help them in their community outreach.

Total Annual Budget: $300,000

Contact Us

  • If anyone who are in need and would like to apply for support from the Food Bank, please whatsapp or contact us at 3795 7444.

  • If any pastor/co-worker of the church is interested in partnering with Jubilee Ministries in the Food Bank ministry, please whatsapp and contact Sharon Liu at 9445-5325.

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