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Jubilee’s Kitchen

​Cooking with flavors.Expanding Good Works.Nurturing the Talents

Introduction of Jubilee' Kitchen

Established in 2012 by Jubilee Ministries, Jubilee’ Kitchen is a non-profit social enterprise that offers catering services, dormitory meals, meal box supplies, and waiter services. Its vision is grounded in the idea of "grassroots meal distribution". The profits and donations from these services support the "Hot Meals Distribution" and other poverty alleviation projects. In collaboration with other institutions, Jubilee’s Kitchen not only employs professional chefs, but also hires disadvantaged groups, providing them with job opportunities and integrating them into society.

About "Hot Meals Distribution"

Cooking with Flavors

  • Face the pandemic, Jubilee’ Kitchen rises to the challenge, developing various business opportunities to keep its employees working.

  • Sales of Chinese New Year pastries, Dragon Boat Festival dumplings, "Jesus Loves You" mooncakes, etc.

  • Design mini set meals

  • Provide business meal box services

Expanding Good Works

  • Supply hot meals to Love Our Neighbour Ministry and other churches/organizations, as detailed in the "Hot Meals Distribution" initiative.

  • Utilize donated items to create various dessert varieties, collecting resources from other food warehouses to assist in increasing food supplies in our organization's food bank. This helps alleviate the financial burden and blesses more individuals in need.

  • Undertake the production of blessing bags for distribution by philanthropists.

  • Perform acts of kindness for those in need, collaborating with Love Our Neighbour Ministry to organize "Birthday Parties" and the "Mother's Feast" event.

  • Donate festive food items (e.g., Chinese New Year pastries, Dragon Boat Festival dumplings, and mooncakes) to small meal delivery units for distribution among grassroots communities.

Nurturing the Talents

  • Promote training programs actively and offer cooking classes to enhance the cooking skills and passion of individuals in need.  Walk with them in their lives journey, enable them to become holistic servants.

  • Establish job positions and providing training for individuals from vulnerable communities to develop their work skills and attitudes, empower them to continue contributing to society.

  • Host students from secondary schools, allow them to experience kitchen work and cooking, foster their understanding of fundamental culinary skills and cultivating a spirit of teamwork.

Salmon Tartare
Catering Service

Set Menu

Mini Canapes

A La Carte Menu

Community Engagement

Currently, Jubilee's Kitchen collaborates with multiple organizations to promote food waste reduction, social enterprise, and Christian culture, aiming to foster more love within the community and introduce Jesus to more people. Simultaneously, Jubilee's Kitchen actively participates in various social enterprise activities and has received Corporate Citizenship Logo from the Hong Kong Productivity Council's " HK Corporate Citizenship Program" for their involvement on multiple occasions. In 2016, they were honored with the Bronze Award in the "Social Enterprise and NGO" category, gaining recognition from the wider society.

Jubilee’s Kitchen Information

  • Equipped with a central kitchen capable of producing 2,000 meals simultaneously.

  • Holds a "Food Factory License" for food production.

  • Employs on-site hygiene managers and supervisors to ensure food safety.

  • Specializes in designing healthy meals and meal packages.

  • Employs individuals from vulnerable communities, such as rehabilitated individuals and autistic individuals.

Contact Us

Tel/WhatsApp: 3107 0073

Office Hour

Mon to Fri: 9:00am-6:00pm
Sat: 9:00am-1:00pm
Sun and Public holiday: OFF






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