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Thanks to the one who loves God and loves people for providing the property, homeless and distressed families are given a home. They take turns cooking and sharing food. We hope that the recipients will not only be a part of the hostel, but also a part of God's family!


Uncle's Home

"Uncle's Home" offers shelter to middle-aged men who are homeless due to family changes or underemployment, leading them to sleep on the streets. Currently, there are 5 residents, including street sleeper, subdivided flat resident, disabled individual, welfare recipient, and separated person. Weekly gatherings for faith nurturing, Bible study are conducted by theology students and co-workers from Jubilee Ministries.

Home of Love Our Neighbours

"The Home of Love Our Neighbours" is situated in Cheung Chun San Tsuen, Yuen Long, and serves as a temporary accommodation for families facing sudden changes and domestic violence. These families require immediate relocation from their original residences and seek a safe and secure place to stay.

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