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Emergency Relief

Our team is always prepared to support the unemployed and those who have encountered sudden changes in their lives. This includes providing food, clothing, essential supplies, emotional support, and referrals to social resources. Here are some stories from the past few years.


  • During the protests in 2019, the outsourced street sweepers in Mongkok were the first to bear the brunt. We initiated the "A Cup of Cold Water" campaign 8 times and mobilized 84 volunteers to assist the street sweepers in clearing up the rubbish after the crowd had gathered. We also distributed masks and served hot soup. During that Christmas, we organized two evangelistic meetings specifically for the street sweepers, with 82 attendees. Among them, 40 individuals made the decision to accept Jesus as their Lord.

  • The “A Cup of Cold Water” Campaign II: During the initial outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, we launched a mask donation campaign and visited subdivided flat residents to distribute epidemic prevention supplies.   We reached out to over 200 households in 26 buildings, and distributed 77,031 masks, 2,348 bottles of hand sanitizer, and 900 hygiene kits.


  • During the severe fifth wave of the pandemic, unemployment and work suspensions increased the burdens of low-income families. From February to April 2022, we initiated the Pandemic Emergency Relief efforts to provide food, epidemic prevention materials, medicines, and online free clinics to grassroots families in 16 districts. We supported over 2,900 households with a total of 6,200 deliveries. Additionally, we collaborated with 14 local churches to establish community support points for distributing supplies, serving a total of 1,598 households.

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