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Well Being

Our Mission

To bring the abundant life of Jesus Christ to the poor, so that they can enjoy well-being through physical fitness, friendship and food.

Target Beneficiaries


Those suffering from medical conditions while waiting for government services.


Those suffering from mobility issue, rendering their trips to government clinics extremely challenging.


Those suffering from medical conditions but do not know it.

Those who cannot access or not motivated to access public healthcare system.


Those requiring medical attention but cannot afford private healthcare services.


Those needing referrals but have difficulty explaining to doctors in the public healthcare system.

Starting from 2017 to 2020

We helped 7 churches set up 9 Health Corners :

Tung Chung, Tsing Yi, Kwai Chung, Pak Tin,  Mongkok, Jordan, Kwun Tong and North Point

Number served : 3,036 persons

Number who turned to Christ : 62 persons

Number Participating in fellowships : 89 persons

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​Church-based Volunteers​

  • Get trained in basic health knowledge, such as measuring blood pressure, blood sugar and running a health corner

  • Help the needy see doctors, build relationship and take care of them 

  • Establish Health Corners in churches to provide health check screenings

  • Record keeping

Medical Team Volunteers

  • Train church-based volunteers

  • Give health talks

  • Identify and screen beneficiaries from churches, refer to public healthcare system if necessary

  • Write referral letters

  • Expedite access to public healthcare system

Backed up by Jubilee Ministries’ 3A Hot Meals and food bank programs as needed.

Your participate

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  Role of Churches

  • Set up Church-based Health Corners to conduct basic health check screenings and provide health education

  • Befriend those in need

  • Identify and screen beneficiaries

  • Appoint one leader to be in charge of the Project to lead the volunteers

  • Recruit volunteers to be trained

  • Assign a place for Health Corner in Church

  • Spread the Gospel to the beneficiaries

  • Bring those in need to church

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  Medical Volunteers

Doctors, Nurses, Physiotherapists, Chinese Medicine Practitioners, Psychologists, Dietitians, etc. (can work independently or as a team)



Budget for 2019

  • Salary  HK$230,000

  • Medications HK$80,000

  • IT equipment and registration system: HK$30,000

  • Medical equipment: HK$100,000

  • Consumable: HK$80,000

  • Miscellaneous HK$10,000


Total Annual Budget: HK$530,000

Ways to support

Ways to support

1. Volunteers needed:[Please register here]

2. Donation:[Please register here]


3. Reply:[Please register here]

Contact us

For further inquery, please contact:
Sharon Liu (9445 5325)