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1. 郵寄支票:
    以劃線支票郵寄至九龍佐敦廟街239號 。
    支票抬頭「禧福協會有限公司」或 「Jubilee Ministries Ltd」,請註明奉獻「神學訓練」。
2. 銀行過戶:
    (whatsapp號碼:2708 8666   傳真號碼:2708 8771)
3. 按月自動轉賬:
4. 信用卡網上奉獻:
    請按此連至 網域作網上奉獻,並填上你想支持的事工。


    直接使用網上銀行或流動理財 App 過數至本會戶口,

  「轉數快」  ID︰3740891 , 或電郵︰

    (whatsapp號碼︰2708 8666  傳真號碼︰2708 8771)   

Donation Method

1. By Cheque:
  Please make a crossed cheque payable to "Jubilee Ministries Limited" and mail to Finance Department, No. 239, 
   Temple Street, Jordan, Kowloon, Hong Kong.

2. Deposit the donation into Jubilee Ministries Limited's bank account:
  .HSBC:(004) 007-236243-001
  .Nanyang Commercial Bank:043-478-1-125680-5
  Please send us the bank pay-in-slip by email (, or by fax (2708 8771), or whatsapp
  (2708 8666), or by post.

3. Autopay:
  Please click here to download and fill in the autopay authorization form, then send it to our office by post.

4. Donation by Credit Card via: 
  Please click here to link to page and fill out the ministry you want to support.

5. Faster Payment System (FPS)

    Deposit the donation by Online e-Banking or Mobile APP

    FPS ID︰3740891 or by Email︰
    If need the receipt, please send us the screen capture with your name, contact and address by 
    whatsapp (2708 8666), or by email (, or by fax (2708 8771),or by post.


- Official receipt will be issued for donation of HK$100 or above.

- For USA tax-deductible receipt, please contact us.

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