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M9 Marginal Youth Ministry

Raising a generation of radical lovers of Christ gathered in communities of love and service to the needy. 

We started this ministry since 2005, with a strong compassion to rescue the lost teens out of darkness.

The Gospel brings them hope, helps them establish proper life-values and sets them free from drug addiction and triad involvement. By sharing God’s love with them, we hope that they can rebuild family relations, enjoy school life, and can contribute to the society one day. We continue to shepherd and disciple these newly converted youths such that their life stories will be able to touch and influence many other lost teens! 

The name “M9” comes from “Matthew 9”- Jesus went about all the cities and villages to look for the weary and scattered ones; they are like sheep having no shepherd.

Ministry Highlight

We actively reach out to youths who wander late at night in Parks or ball courts in Tin Shui Wai and Tai Kok Tsui area. After establishing relationships with them, we bring them to join our evangelistic gatherings which cater specially to them.

Current Programs:

Reaching Youth-At-Risk

In the year of 2011, our ministry comes in contact with over 150 youths on a monthly basis, taking every opportunity to build a lasting relationship with every one of them. Our programs are currently focused in three different local districts:

Tin Shui Wai:

  • We actively cooperate with a local NGO in Tin Shui community center.

  • We spearhead an English tutoring class

  • We actively reach out to youths on the streets, parks or basketball courts. In merely 10 months of collaboration, we have come in contact with over 150 different youths.

Kowloon Bay:

  • We provide English tutoring in a lower Band 3 school, assist local volunteers in leading English camps and outings while introducing them to the Gospel.

  • In the past year, we have provided help to over 50 low-income students.

Mong Kok:

  • We conduct frequent fellowships, Bible studies and discipleship programs for the local youths.

  • Facilitate multiple enrichment classes with the hope in helping them discover their talents and passion.

  • We run different youth camps, mission trips and various activities with the focus of strengthening their relationships with God.

  • Our primarily focus is to maintain a place of refuge and fellowship for youths in our centre, located in the heart of Mong Kok.

  • More than 175 youths has been influenced by this ministry in the past 18 months.

Basketball Ministry:
We started this outreach basketball program back in 2012, with a vision to reach youths who share the same passion for the sport. Since the beginning of this ministry, we have come into contact with over 200 players through skills trainings, scrimmages, practices and leagues. We have also started a basketball team, which consists of a group of core players, to go out and play friendship matches with other teams throughout this city. We bring the message of good news to each game, encouraging our team to share their testimony in a fellowship setting with the opposing team. Each member of the team is inspired to act as ambassadors for Christ, and is challenged to exemplify Christ on and off the court.

In promoting Christian sports evangelism, we host a monthly support group meeting with Christian coaches and leaders, to encourage them to further utilize sports as a tool to advance the kingdom of God.

Follow up gatherings:
Through Gospel parties, worship bands, Bible studies those new believers are held together in Churches without Walls. Currently, three regular follow-up groups are held at different places.

Ministry to Drug Addicts:(Jordan "Love Family Fellowship")

  • We provide bible study, worship, prayer and counseling service for youths who are suffering from substance abuse.

  • We focus on encouraging and helping them on the road to recovery.

  • We promote healing and daily guidance for them to live a drug-free lifestyle.

  • This fellowship have already reached over 150 youths and is constantly receiving new cases.

Churches can participate in

  • Join outreach or prayer walk with us at Mong kok or Tin Tsui Wai areas

  • Join the prayer network for marginal teens

  • Introduce our ministry in your church, or mobilize your members to help in our ministry

Ways to support our ministry



  • Join our prayer meeting at Jordan

      Mon 5:00 - 9:00pm (Mongkok):Serve at evangelistic outreach

      Fri 7:30 - 10:30pm (Jordan):Drug addicted youth

      Sat 2:30 - 6:00pm (Mongkok):Help to lead bible study﹑musical bands

      by “adopting” a youngster through prayer and relationship building:


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If you would like to know more, or visit our ministry, please contact
Lem Tsang (3583-9319) lemeult@jubileehk.org