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Rahab's Rehab Ministry

Rahab's Rehab Ministry


Rahab’s Rehab Ministry reaches out to prostitutes, female drug addicts and women working in night clubs and bars. This Ministry’s Chinese name (Lotus Ministry) comes from a Chinese saying that “The Lotus grows through the mud and rises pure and fragrant”. This expresses our hopes for the prostitutes. With the love and redemption of our Lord Jesus Christ, they can leave behind their miry past and become as clean as lotuses.


Our History

The Rahab’s Rehab Ministry started in 1999 at Shum Shui Po, targeting ladies on the street. Then we began reaching these ladies at brothels. Now our ministry encompasses Yau Ma Tei, Tsim Sha Shui, Mongkok, Jordan, Prince Edward and Yuen Long areas. Our purpose is to bring restoration so that they can live lives as originally ordained by God. Once their lives have been transformed, they are able to contribute to society, and use their experiences to help ladies with such background.

Ministry Highlight


Door to door visits of brothels


Evangelistic gatherings:

We organize English class, Gospel parties, outings etc such that they can grow up in a healthy community. These activities also attract their coworkers to come.


Crisis Intervention:

Counsel the troubled, refer drug addicts to Christian drug rehabilitation centers, and help those in crisis such as family problems and suicides.


Pastoral Care:

  • Serve them with inner healing to deal with their deep wounds and bondages in life.

  • Run pastoral group to help them rebuild healthy values, grow in church, and re-enter society healthily.

Other Assistance:

Such as assist in application for homes and social welfare, counselling and job referral etc.


Prayer Meeting:

First Monday night of every month (Christians who have a heart to transform the culture of pornography are welcomed to join)



We partner with groups to combat sex trafficking in various countries

Churches can participate in


  • Outreach

  • Prayer meeting

  • Co-organize evangelistic events

  • Jubilee can assist your church to develop this ministry

  • Invite our staff to share about this ministry or how to fight the culture of pornography

Ways to support our ministry


  • Prayer support:

  • Volunteers can participate in outreach, serve in pastoral group or evangelistic events:[Pls click here]

  • Research into the effect of prostitution to individuals, families and society:

  • Job referrals, small business capital and advisors:

  • Temporary and long term housing:

  • Financial support:[Pls click here]