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Love Our Neighbour Ministry

Ways to support

On the other side of prosperity in HK, there are scavengers, street sleepers, the elderly living alone, sick and immobile, destitute single parents, those living in sub-divided homes.


Love Our Neighbor Ministry serves the poor with the love of Christ. Churches without Walls in the parks of Mong Kok and Tai Kok Tsui bring them hot meals, clothing and joy to the joyless. We wash the hawkers’street, clean their homes, get rid of the fleas, pray for the sick. Our neighbors feel loved and cared for, and life is reorganized.  They can become a blessing to the community.

Churches Without Walls
Every Sunday, the Good News is shared at various street corners. Because one such location is right in the middle of the market, hawkers can listen to the gospel while they continue business as usual. To show our care, we give out hot meals and drinks to hawkers, scavengers, steet sleepers and the elderly living alone. After we get to know them and their emotional, spiritual or physical needs, we respond in love.


Visiting subdivided rooms
We visit those living in subdivided flats and bring the love of the Lord into their midst. We celebrate festivals with them, hold carnivalsand bring joy to the joyless. Through these, we give holistic care and satisfy their deepest longings. After establishing ties, we do home visitations to take care of their spiritual needs or basic needs. At the beginning, the residents are not that welcoming.  But soon they are waiting for our visit and openly tell stories of bitter suffering and hurts. One man, formerly a drug addict, now likes to sing worship songs. Every time he laughs and sings worship songs, all grievances and stoic resignation are gone. The love of Christ enters the putrid, cramped rooms and the glory of God shines in the subdivided rooms.

Street Cleaning

From time to time, we clean the streets and corner gardens. We take away cigarettes stubs, syringes and other filth, imitating the humble service of Christ.

Medical Services

A medical team regularly measure blood pressure for the poor for free. Another team provides herbal remedies.

Festive Evangelistic Events

Festivals are times of communal celebration.  We host Chinese New Year dinner and carnivals, etc.  We hope that through the care of the whole person, all we touch will be satisfied mentally and physically.

New Christians gathered

Those who come to Christ gather Monday nights and are trained to become a disciple.  They in turn start distributing hot meals, washing the streets, and caring for others in the community.  

- Come visit our churches without walls service on Sundays

- Help pack, transport and distribute the hot meals.

- Plan festive evangelistic events together

- Clean the community



1. Volunteer participation:

​    Every Sunday 2:30 pm to 6:00 pm. (Mongkok) make hot meal, serve in the party,       
    distribute food.

2. Donation

If you have any query, please contact our Miss Mandy Lun (3795 7444) or

​Ministry Highlights

How Churches can participate

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Our Team

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