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Elderly Ministry

Senior Soldiers of the Kingdom Course

Course objectives : to equip and train elderly Christians to pray, evangelize, follow up and serve other seniors in their communities.  

Contents :

1st year training objective : life reorganization, learning to serve

2nd year training objective : live out the calling from the God

Curriculum :

2 years course including 12 subjects, 5 to 6 lessons per subject, one lesson in the

morning per week.

Internship requirements :

1st year : 6 internships

2nd year : 10 interships including the followings: 

Elderly Mission Teams, organizing a Carnival, Park Ministry, visit elderly homes, evangelistic mission teams, 3 days-2 nights mission trip in China, etc.

​Prospective Students :

Believers aged over 60

Believers who have a burden to serve the elderly (no age requirement)


Graduation requirements :

Attendance rate: 80% attendance in 2 years

Number of internship: 16 times in 2 years


Course Fee :

HK$220 per subject, 12 subjects for 2 years, 5-6 lessons per subject

Camp and mission trips expenses are at your own


Course Subjects :

The 15th Graduation ceremony shall be held on January 2020.

[Pls click here for details about Elderly soldiers of the Kingdom School]






Course purpose : to equip and train Kingdom of Elderly soldiers to become a leader and be able to teach and train others.  

Course objectives :

  • Lead the mission group of those who had graduated from Senior Soldiers of the Kingdom Course

  • Becoming a good helper for the pastors, leading Senior Soldiers of the Kingdom to develop the gospel ministry of the elderly.

Curriculum :

  • 1 year course including 6 subjects, 5 lessons per subject, one tutorial

  • Date and time of class: February to November 2019 (every Monday) 10:30 am to 1:30 pm.

  • Venue : Jubilee Ministries (11/F, Hub 8, 239 Temple Street, Jordan, Kowloon)

  • 3 hours per class, contents: worship, praise, learning the truth of bible, prayer, and group discussion

  • Must participate in an internship for 10 times, short-term mission trips and life camp

Graduation requirements : 

Attendance of 85% is required for the whole year, the course is qualified, the internship and short-term mission trips are completed, and a certificate can be awarded.


Course Fee :

Full time student : HK$400 per subject

(5 lessons and one tutorial, 6 subjects throughout the year)


Graduate student and visitors : $380 per subject

(5 lessons, including only listening classes)

Camp and mission trips expenses are at your own.


Course Subjects :

1st subject : Developing your spiritual gift

2nd subject : Victorious Life

3rd subject : Starting prayer altar

4th subject : Leadership quality

5th subject : Power Ministries

6th subject : Mandate and Calling

* Internship At least ten times a year, lead outreach team, visiting elderly living
   alone, leading a small group, prayer walk, event evangelism, etc.

* Short-term mission trip : learn to plan and lead mission trip.






Course objectives :

Develop the gifts and lives of the students through curriculum and practice

Course Subjects :

  • Mandarin class

  • Gospel drama class

  • Worship and praise dance class

  • Gospel Cantonese Opera Training class

  • Muscle pain relief class

  • Worship with harmonica class


Join the “Equip the Kingdom Elderly” Program:[Pls register here]


Volunteers needed:[Pls register here

  • Every 1st or 3rd Fri 9:30am – 12:30pm (Mong Kok):Park Ministry (Prepare lunchboxes and the venue,  serve during worship session, and lunchbox distribution)

  • Every 4th Fri 9:00 – 11:30am (Mong Kok):“Gospel Tea-time” gathering (Prepare the snacks, the venue, and serve during the gathering)

Financial support : [Pls click here]

Tel : (852) 3583 9387 (Ms. Chan)

Fax : (852) 2708 8771


Kingdom Elderly Mission Leadership Course

Kingdom Elderly Mission Special Equipment Course

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