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Construction Workers Ministry

Construction Workers Ministry

Since construction workers/ schedule are irregular, it is hard for them to attend an ordinary church. In 2000, we started this ministry as well as assisted in setting up the Construction Worker Fellowship to minister to construction workers. We have since established 10 Churches Without Walls in construction sites so that they can join in the worship and be discipled.  Our aim is to have a church that worships Jesus in every construction site.

To accommodate the special culture of construction workers, our means of evangelism are creative: a magazine for the workers, drummer' s class, Sunday worship held in a restaurant after eating dim-sum. We replaced traditional animistic ground breaking ceremonies with Christian ones, bringing Jesus' culture into the construction sites. We also actively co-operate with Engineering Fellowships and Town Planning Fellowships so that the Gospel of Jesus Christ can infiltrate every sector of the industry.

Over the last 10 years, we have reached over 15,000 construction workers and a number of them have been baptized.

Ministry Highlight

Transform the culture of the construction industry:
Groundbreaking and completion ceremonies for building projects have been Christianized for the purpose of transforming the culture of the construction industry. We also organize evangelistic events for them during Christmas and Easter.

Evangelistic gatherings in construction sites:
We prepare the soil for the Gospel through intensive worship and warfare prayer. Then we hold lunch time Bible study groups, talks, Gospel luncheons and show films in selected construction sites including Yuen Long, Hau Ming Street, Kai Tak 6568, Kai Tak 6551, Pak Shek Kok, High Speed Rail, Cheung Sha Wan, Belcher's Street, Sai Sha, Tin Wing, Tuen Mun Siu Hong, To Shek etc. (12 sites) every week. On the average, there are 20 attendants each time. There, workers come to the Lord and new believers are disciple.

  • Sunday worship at a Chinese restaurant
    Worship at the construction sites began to flow into their daily lives. It’s the tradition of Hong Kong Chinese to go have sim-sum with their families Sunday mornings.  So we started a worship session in a restaurant in Yuen Long every Sunday. We encourage the workers to bring their families. While they are enjoying the food, they can also worship God and listen to Gospel sharing. The two hour event allows for chit-chats and discussions. This offers another relaxing environment for the workers and their families to know about Jesus.

Pastoral Care:

  • Run bible class on site to nurture believers.

  • Encourage Christian workers to minister to their newly converted co-workers, pray for them, walk with them in their times of weakness, and bring them to Christian gatherings.

  • Run a fellowship for workers that have no Christian groups at their construction sites at Jubilee’s office at Jordan.

  • Baptise converted workers.

Equip leaders:
Run a one-year evening program to equip believers to be evangelists at their workplace.


  • On-site evangelistic events such as groundbreaking ceremony, completion ceremony, and worship sessions.

  • Follow up with new believers.


  • Volunteers needed:[Pls register here
    Mon 8-10pm ( Rm601, 6/F, No. 239, Temple Street, Jordan, Kowloon):helping in the fellowship for construction workers

If you would like to know more, or visit our ministry, please contact
Mr. Kwan Chi Cheong, Tel︰3583 9365 or by email︰

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