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Local Cross-cultural





With the global expansion of Muslim and the unreached people groups, their evangelization has taken on more urgency. There are more and more South Asians and refugees living in Hong Kong, especially around Jordan district. Most of them are poor and the social services they received are insufficient. The support for South Asian women and families are often neglected.


We mobilize volunteers and churches to reach out to the Indian, Pakistani and Nepalese groups in Yaumetei, alleviating their stress and pressures of life. We help them adapt to life in HK, getting resources and enhancing their self-esteem. so that they can become contributing members of the community. In so doing, we build mutual trust and friendship, and above all, let them experience God’s love, power and healing.


We also serve refugees who fled from their own countries due to religious or political persecutions by providing them with support in their needs. We share our faith with seekers and help the believers regain faith, hope and love in this difficult part of their life journey. In return, they become the messengers of the good news to their friends and families.

1. For South Asian ethnic minorities

Free tutorial class, home visits, sharing resources, Cantonese class, women’s group, family activities, sports, social activities, evangelistic gathering


2. For Refugees

  • Organize recreational activities, language classes, social and cross cultural activities for refugees

  • home visitations to take care of their basic needs and provide counselling

  • provide temporary living quarters at Life Garden in Lau Shui Heung

  • Bible studies for seekers

  • disciples training, prayer and worship groups for Christians

  • Share the vision, train and mobilize manpower in churches so that network of resources and manpower can be established and ministry base can be built up in different districts in Hong Kong


3. For Indonesian domestic helpers

  • Organize Cantonese classes, fun and friendship groups

  • Mobilize local Indonesian churches to minister to them.


  • Teachers in tutorial classes

  • Trainers in interest classes, such as music, sports, arts and languages

  • Programs and activities: home visitations, Christian Fellowships, etc.

  • Volunteers in events planning, design, writing, and administration



  • staff salary

  • programs and activities

  • crisis support, food and other necessities

Volunteers needed : [Please register here]

Financial support:[Please register here]

For enquiry, please contact by phone at 3583 9393, or by whatsapp at 5494 3765 or email to:

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