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Joyous Kitchen

In 2012, we established the social enterprise “Joyous Kitchen”.  The main focus is to give hot meals to the grassroots and develop the “3A Hot Meals” Ministry.


At the same time, Joyous Kitchen provide outside catering service, food for hostel, supply of lunch boxes and waitress service.  The profits earned from Joyous Kitchen will also support the “3A Hot Meals” Ministry and Care for the Poor Ministry.


Joyous Kitchen also cooperates with other organizations, in addition to hiring professional chefs, we also employ disadvantaged groups (such as autistic, ex-offenders, etc.) in order to provide them with employment opportunities and walk with them together.


At present, Joyous Kitchen cooperates with various organizations to promote food saving, social enterprise and Christian culture so that more people can know Jesus through the love and hope of Jesus in the society.  At the same time, Joyous Kitchen is also active in different social enterprise campaign.  We are awarded “Hong Kong Corporate Citizenship Program” organized by Hong Kong Productivity Council.  We got the Bronze Award for “Social Enterprise Group” and duly recognized by the public.

- Established centralized kitchen which can produce 2,000 meals

- Holding Food Factory Licence

- Food hygiene manager and health supervisors are on site to ensure food safety

- Design healthy meal and packages

- Employ disadvantaged groups, such as ex-offenders, autistic people


Please click here if want to understand “3A Hot Meals

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