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Started in the Summer of 2020 as part of an open community space on the ground floor of Hub 8 in Jordan.  The take-out kitchen serves as a healthy and affordable food option for the neighbourhood, while supporting smaller scale hot meal distribution in the immediate surrounding area.

Our Missions

Social Enterprise

Provide Job Opportunities for the marginal youths in the city

Christian Community


One of our staff was born with disability, missing his right forearm and upper arm with only one healthy left arm.  He was rejected by his biological mother at birth due to his disability and was raised by his grandmother.  His has two other brothers, both from different mothers. He suffers an estranged relationship with his father, since his father often lashes his stress and frustration onto him.  Both his father and stepmother have lost their job and the family is struggling to pay rent in the recent months.  We came to know him through a key volunteer here at M9 and was informed to us that he is searching for part time work.  He has since learned to manage all of our drink orders and marinating meats.  He is an avid learner and is proactive on the job.

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Food Voucher or Donation

If you are unable to buy food voucher for other people, you can also donate to Jubilee ministries to support us:

Jubilee Ministries Limited's bank account:
HSBC:(004) 007-236243-001
Nanyang Commercial Bank:043-478-1-125680-5
Please send us the bank pay-in-slip by email (, or by fax (2708 8771), or whatsapp (2708 8666), or by post.

1. Please mark specifically for Bite Delights

Whatsapp : 6768 9437

G/F, Hub 8, 239 Temple Street, Jordan, Kowloon


Pictures are for reference only. Menu and prices are subject to change without prior notice. 

Our Menu

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