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Training Ministry

The School of Grassroots Missions combines theological training and ministry to the grassroots, both locally and abroad. Trainees, renewed and filled by the power of the Holy Spirit, go out to serve among the poor of various lands. Our programs train the following:


Believers called to full-time ministry to the poor (The 4-year full time Jifu BTh/Diploma Course)


Missionaries who are full of the Spirit's power and who evangelize in cross-cultural settings (the evening "Passport to missions" course)


Ministers who will pastor grassroots believers and move the church to evangelize to the poor (in-service degree course for ministers)


The gospel vanguard who will help in church-planting and evangelism (the 2-year Jifung certificate course)


Lay leaders are trained to thirst after God, study Scripture, be filled by the Holy Spirit, experience healing and restoration, lead holy lives, and bring the church into unity and revival.